Studio photo of the Wazoo Gear Co Adventure Kit.

Discover Wazoo Gear Co.: Innovative Everyday Survival Tools for Ultimate Preparedness


Explore Wazoo Gear Co.'s innovative survival gear, including wearable tools and multi-functional kits designed for ultimate preparedness.
Featured Image of JJ Morris.

Instructor Spotlight: JJ Morris

Meet JJ Morris, the driving force behind Fuel the Fires, an initiative dedicated to fostering preparedness and community resilience.
Black and white profile photo of Tom Sarge, founder of Prepping With Sarge.

Instructor Spotlight: Tom Sarge

Meet Tom Sarge, a passionate licenced trauma therapist with a knack for outdoor survival skills, and the man behind "Prepping With Sarge."
Patrick Diedrich discusess search details on a whiteboard resting on the bed of his truck.

Instructor Spotlight: Patrick Diedrich

We take a closer look at the experience and achievements behind Vargöld CEO and Instructor Patrick Diedrich, and what his self-reliance goals are.
Photo of Kenny Brunswig, owner of Grumpy Bushcraft, teaching at Georgia Bushcraft's Fall Gathering.

Instructor Spotlight: Kenny Brunswig

We take a closer look at the man behind Grumpy Bushcraft, Kenny Brunswig, an outdoor enthusiast with a focus on building foundational skills.
Photo of an adult hand, holding a hot dog in a bun. The hot dog has ketchup and mustard on top.

Thriving on a Budget: The Costco Hot Dog Guarantee

The price of the famous Costco hot dog meal is now inexorably connected with the price of the Vargöld Subscription. Intrigued? Read on to learn why!
A high-contrast, AI generated image that encompasses a physical fitness theme.

Physical Fitness: The Key to Survival in Any Situation

Explore how physical fitness serves as the essential foundation of survival, empowering you to tackle challenges and excel in demanding environments.
Photo of the Raise The Flag podcast logo.

Raise The Flag: Vargöld’s First Podcast Debut

Learn more about Black Flag Survival, and how Vargöld was first announced publicly on the Raise The Flag podcast.
The image captures the tumultuous "Age of the Wolf" or "Vargöld," depicting a desolate Norse landscape with an ethereal wolf representing Fenrir, amidst signs of chaos and disorder, evoking the foreboding period before Ragnarok.

Survival During the Age of the Wolf

What is Vargöld? How can we turn fear into fuel? Here I attempt to discuss these topics in a meaningful way.