Online Self-Reliance Training

For only $1.50 per month, our courses are designed to dramatically improve your self-reliance experience.

Lessons are easy to understand and apartment-friendly.

Learn relevant, real-world survival skills from expert survival and fieldcraft instructors.

Benefits of Vargöld Self-Reliance Training

Practical Skills

We teach knowledge and skills in a pragmatic way. We are not preparing for “doomsday”. Instead, we focus everyday situations that you can apply these lessons to.

Your Schedule

Learn on your time, wherever you can connect to the internet. With an active subscription, you control when and where to take a Vargöld survival course.


Our courses are created from first-hand experience by vetted instructors who walk-the-talk. You will learn from the best, ensuring your foundation of knowledge is current and relevant.

SAR volunteers assess an a mock injury in a snowy forest.

“Patrick brings a wealth of personal experience and knowledge to his training events, and is able to share that at a working, understandable, level which can be easily turned into action by the trainee.”

SAR volunteers train to defuse tense situations with Michigan Tech Theatre Department actors.

“Patrick stepped in as Training Officer to teach Superior Search and Rescue members a variety of search techniques, helping us to be prepared for searching in all kinds of weather and situations. His training program was top notch.”

Two students taking notes on a track during a SAR tracking course.

“Mr Diedrich has an interesting professional background, this background has enabled him to coordinate and formulate successful training programs for Search and Rescue programs in Michigan where most of the members are volunteers. Mr. Diedrich is also an excellent networking coordinator where he has brought in other professional personnel with their programs in related fields to aid in the training processes.”


Not only can you take survival courses online, but you have an overwhelming amount of courses to choose from. Instead of trying to piece it all together yourself, we have created effective online survival courses from credible instructors.

This helps you eliminate the guesswork, avoiding the countless survival charlatans, and puts you on the fast track to self-reliance.

Learning survival skills at home in a safe environment is much better than learning alone or in a remote area. It allows you to make mistakes in a safe place and prevents potential negative outcomes.

Courses offered by Vargöld provide easy-to-follow instructions that allow students to practice a wide array of skills in an apartment setting.

Although there are endless survival skills and techniques out there, none of them would be effective without the right mental attitude and the physical capacity to back it up.

Your willingness to learn and flexibility to adapt to whatever situation you’re facing is crucial.

Facing Chaos With Confidence

What you don’t know could be fatal.

Every year, thousands of lives are endangered or lost when people venture into the unknown without an appropriate level of knowledge, skills, or abilities.

How reliable are your survival skills? What would happen if circumstance required you to travel several miles by foot from your home to a place of safety? What would happen if you or a loved one became lost in an unfamiliar area?

If your answer to any of these questions is “nothing good,” then you owe it to yourself, and those you care about to improve!

Our online training gives you an important advantage! Developing the expertise necessary to stay in control during a crisis isn’t limited to castaways or military operators.

Anyone who travels, commutes to work or school, or aspires to enjoy the wilderness, will benefit from our training courses. The right time to start learning a survival skill is before you need it.

Being exposed to skills training, from the right instructors, improves your odds of survival before you even step out the door.